Angle Beads

Angle Beads Acrylic/Texture Coating

When using acrylic coating plastic angle beads are fixed on external corners, including windows, doorways and sills. They are embedded in the base coat of render in preparation for the acrylic finish coat.

Angle Beads – Cement Render

The use of angle beads in cement render is relatively new in the long history of cement rendering.

They come in a variety of styles, the cheapest and most commonly used are galvanised but, after time they start to show signs of corrosion and need repairing, especially in coastal suburbs.

The better and more expensive option are stainless steel angles.


A master tradesman wouldn’t bother with angle beads in cement render unless specifically requested, as they can easily achieve a nicer and neater traditional bullnose corner without them.

Guaranteed maintenance free and saving you money.